drone technology is growing on the western slope

AeroScout is in the news! Check out the article by clicking on the link for more information about how drone services are being brought to the Colorado Western Slope! --> Click Here


AeroScout is featured in The Daily Sentinel as part of the dream team to map Mars! See how drone technology is being used to train people for daily life on the red planet! --> Click Here

AeroScout is re-creating the Mars landscape with the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah. --> Click Here


Precision agriculture

We use TrueNDVI not a hacked camera. This means we correct for ambient light conditions so that photographs can be compared across different timelines reliably in 4K resolution. Because of this, our photos have the ability to see down to the 2 inch level from 400 feet. We also include many more maps than other competitors for the same price. Contact for details.

Real Estate

Our photo, video and 3D models are rendered in stunning 4K quality, giving you the highest possible resolution and most marketable deliverable to your consumers

Construction inspections

Save time and money and instill confidence in your building owner with aerial inspections, photos and 3D models of your project. Attract new clients by advertising your use of our trusted drone services in your projects. We perform inspections throughout the construction phase and provide volume measurements of stockpiles and analysis of foundation excavations.


Oil & Gas

Fully automated inspection, monitoring and emissions testing of oil and gas pipelines. Our drone tests ensure that you don't have to shutdown operations to perform inspections. Access hard to reach or remote areas without having to leave the office. AgScout provides high resolution plant health reclamation maps after you complete your drilling operations.


Save time, money and emphasize safety by removing people from the equation of dangerous situations by using our aerial inspection service. We fly with thermal and 4K RGB cameras to ensure you get the most detail about your rail inspections or disaster recovery operations.

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